what to do in acadia national park

We visited Acadia on National Public Lands Day which means free entry, no cars until noon + the tourists come in droves. It was the perfect day for hiking + exploring. So we bought our topographical map (like a true Osborne) and hopped on a bus in Bar Harbor.

More pictures + less words so prepare your wanderlust.



This is my what in the world are those people doing face. I have zero tolerance for tourists who are aimlessly wandering + disregard the line already formed at the bus stop. I'm working on my patience. But really.


This little chipmunk was just asking for his picture to be taken. We named him Martin after Martin Luther, of course.

See that double "mountain". We hiked up there. But more like rock climbed our way to the top. 


Just so you know strenuous 0.4 mile hike really means rock climb, shimmy, + heavily breathe your way to the top at your own risk. Acadia does not use the word "strenuous" lightly. 

I'm proud of us. But we can for sure say that it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Hooray for traveling in our 20s!

This was our view at the top. Totally worth it.

And this was my face. Victory is ours.

And then I was done.

But then we remembered we just conquered this mountain. And that rocks are not very good tripods.

And that we survived + still liked each other.

Yay, Acadia we still love you even if you led us astray. I really wish you could see the view off the side of the mountain. I'm talking 90 degree angle kind of climbing. We were the lone travelers atop the mountain. That should clue you in a little.


Coming soon: A Maine video of everything we saw but to hold you over here's a video from our trip to the other Portland