Birthday week. Always amazing. Caleb makes sure we get in everything my little heart can handle. Green plants, indulgent food + beverage, close friends + forever documentation.

The first half of the week was filled with a community group cookout, Nanataco food + maragaritas + the new Avengers movie.

Our friend Brett took these photos of us at the cookout for fun and I was instantly grateful. She's the best + I've already decided she's going to be taking all our future life stage pictures. The end. You can find her other work at Blest Photography. This is the real us, people.

On Saturday, I had a grown-up birthday party. Or a Plant Party, if you will, with close friends and one of my favorite things: greenery.

To top it off, it was also Memorial Day weekend so we had an extra day to explore which including fawning over all the big-leafed philodendrons and snagging my first fiddle leaf fig tree. Hoping for years of friendship to come with this little guy.

Here's to my mid-twenties!