dc - travel guide

We recently did a long weekend in DC + walked an almost-marathon worth of miles in 2 days. It was a bit cloudy + rainy + quite cold but it was the perfect little reset that we've been needing. Here is our curated list of favorites:


momofuku ccdc / kimchi, steamed pork buns + ramen is all you really need to make me happy. we made these reservations a month in advance, even before we booked a place to stay, which seems to be normal for us - food then lodging. it did not disappoint + made all my ramen dreams come true.

milk bar / swirl with crunch is the only way to go. it has both cereal milk flavor (made with cornflakes) + fruity cereal milk (made with fruity pebbles) with a salty, sweet mixture of crunched up cornflakes. you better believe I requested this for my birthday from chef caleb.

a baked joint / mayan black chai forever + ever. paired with nutella, banana, + Maldon salt toast + I could walk for days. also, the hippie crack yogurt is a must.

takorean / still dreaming about that bulgogi + lime crema

2amy's / best pizza of my life - margherita d.o.c with pepperoni. caleb said it was super similar to Italian pizza. also on the must-haves list: suppli a telefono + oven-roasted olives (fyi we took a bus here, as it is a little out of the city)

good stuff eatery / two farmhouse bacon cheese with spike's village fries topped with thyme, rosemary + sea salt with a toasted marshmallow shake on the side. yum.

sweet greens / this is like our whole foods away from home. the addiction started in boston + hasn't stopped since. keep moving south, please!


so, almost three years ago we visited DC + did all the usual DC things. think monuments + museums. so this time we really wanted to explore deeper into the museum scene + explore some neighborhoods.

noma / this is the neighborhood our air bnb was located + it allowed us to walk everywhere. and I mean, like, 20,000 steps-in-one-day everywhere. it was a little seedy in parts but overall really cool with those iconic row houses.

renwick gallery / wonder exhibit / we actually planned our trip around the second floor of this museum closing. we had a 3 week window + made it happen. it was amazing + the pictures really don't do it justice. 

hirshhorn museum / easily my favorite museum with its curved walls + modern vibe. this exhibit was on perspective.

united states botanical garden / I don't need to tell you probably, but this was my breath-of-fresh-air-spirit-animal palace. so quiet + comforting. caleb says I'm secretly a plant - quiet, reserved, + secretly plotting to takeover.

I look really tired here, but I assure you I got my second introverted wind in this little oasis.

this is my version of rapunzel - let down your flowing cactus

union station / so much bigger than I thought it would be


washington monument / so i know y'all know what this looks like so I'm only mentioning this here because karlie kloss (!!!) was in this same spot a day after me cruising around on a capital bikeshare bike because, duh, white house correspondents' dinner. this is for you, klossy.

georgetown / we took the subway here which is always an adventure. georgetown is a bit consumeristic + tourist-y but the school/castle was worth the trip


follain / if you haven't heard me gush about follain yet then ask me. I love talking natural, healthy, clean skincare with anyone that will listen. It's such an important part of my everyday + I'll be doing a post on it soon!

union market / it is described as a hub of culinary creativity + it was just that + kind of amazing. we loved goshen fresh pressed juice, peregrine coffee, salt + sundry (cutest little shop that was beautifully curated), + of course, follain.

eastern market station / like a farmers market with those weird craft vendors but worth it + it's in a really cute neighboorhood so if nothing else you can pretend househunt

so, that's it. thanks for following along. I'll be making a springtime video of all of our adventures at the end of may + dc will be one of the main highlights. 

thanks dc for being so close, keeping us adventurous, toning our legs, + keeping our tastebuds delighted with new, exciting food.