The Fourth Of July

The fourth of July is many things: the freedom, the spirit of America, the fireworks, the celebration, the food, the water activities.

This year Caleb + I decided to stay cool + get by the water (+ somehow avoiding the mobs of people). We found a secret spot on Falls Lake that was perfect for a little dip. The light was magical so we took full advantage + played with the aperture on our even-more-amazing-than-we-thought camera.

I couldn't wait to play with the sparklers + take pictures so we got them out before it was dark. 

Once we were water logged enough we went back home to grill out burgers with corn + watermelon salad (feta cheese + balsamic are the secret ingredients. Yum!).

We also made s'mores with gourmet marshmallows which were ah-mazing that we got from Good Heavens Confections. Even though we cheated + put them in the oven, Oreo + peanut butter mallows make a good s'more even greater.

And of course as it got dark we had more sparkler fun!

That was suppose to say summer but I guess "umme" will work also?

Then we braved downtown + watched the fireworks at the Durham Bulls stadium which was magnificent. I love when you can hear everyone yelling "oooh" + "whoaa" as the sparkles crack in the night. It's pretty great.

Life, liberty + the pursuit of happiness. Fourth of July, until next year.