Summer Declaration

Let's start this one out with the obvious, for those of you who know me- I feel no inner turmoil saying that summer is my least favorite season. It's hot + there are bugs + back sweat + no layering + no hot chai lattes. But this year I'm looking at it differently.

Since we must weather through it, we might as well have pleasant memories. So we drew up a declaration, of sorts, to have the best summer possible, even if our faces are wet with glisten.

1/ SEE a lighthouse

2/ HOST a cookout

3/ WALK Eno River trails

4/ SPOT a baby deer

5/ MAKE s'mores

6/ VISIT the state capitol

7/ SWIM in a lake

8/ GO to a Bulls game

9/ TRY more mixed drinks

10/ CELEBRATE Caleb's 26th

11/ GET a Birkenstocks tan

12/ RUN in the rain

13/ PICNIC in the park

14/ ATTEND a Food Truck Rodeo

15/ DOCUMENT it all

Summer, I hope by the end of this we will be on better terms. But until then, Fall, where ya at? How are you planning on weathering the summer?