sailing: camden, maine

After our two day stay in Portland, Maine we traveled up the coast to Camden to go sailing! This town is the cutest. And, bonus points! because we missed the tourists.

We sailed on the Olad schooner onto the Penobscot Bay + it was magical + a bit chilly. Like five-layer-still-cold chilly. But magical.

We motored out onto to the bay + then Caleb helped hoist one of the sails because he has muscles. 

Sail officially hoisted!

I have never been sailing before + if I got sea sick my sea sick bands worked like a charm. Caleb, however, is a pro spending 3 nights on the Lewis R. French (pictured below) like ten years ago with his family.

Hey, large schooner.

As you could see we were quite cold + needed warm beverages + food. Lobster to be exact.


Harbor Dogs / fish tacos + the lobster roll were super fresh. obviously.

Boynton McKay / for coffee + hot chocolate + doughnuts. oh and we got a moxie which is apparently a maine thing and you either love it or extremely dislike it. it had a very medicinal taste but more like clove root beer which was a win for us.


Camden has a lot of cute little shops to peek into.  A lot of tourist-y kind of things + speciality shops. My favorite was the Lavender Store because I'm obsessed + needed a travel sized hand lotion.

We grabbed a coffee for the road + headed up the coast to our little air bnb on Frenchman's bay, a little trek from Bar Harbor, which is the next travel guide! Spoiler alert: pumpkin ice cream, coffee and more lobster were consumed.