Little Getaway: Part 2 / Lake James

The second part of our short trip west was to Lake James. It was a perfect day, not too windy but also not too hot. Caleb was totally in his element being outdoorsy + such.

We decided to rent a canoe (which was super cheap, by the way) at the Lake James State Park in Morganton.

We paddled around a little + then decided to dock on an island to have lunch. You always have to have turkey sandwiches + chips on the lake, it's a tradition, at least in my family.

I grew up on the lake so if you give me the option of mountains or beach I will always choose lake first + mountain second, if you make me. There was a view of Linville Gorge from the lake which made us feel like we had both.

I'm super into searching for treasure everywhere we go. Lake James has tons of sandstone + I was mildly obsessed with the look + texture of it.

River water kind of freaks me out because of the snakes but lake water I can totally get down with.

Now we can successfully mark off "swim in a lake" on our summer list. Summer adventuring with this guy is the best.