our weekend in iphone pictures

We crossed some things off our fall declaration list this weekend! We also went sans Olympus camera (I had withdrawals) either because we wanted to be hands free for power walking to the football game or flash photography/video recording wasn't allowed. So here is our wrap up in iphone pictures. 

We've been making homemade lattes as of late + they are my gateway into the more hard stuff i.e. black coffee.

Saturday we went to the Duke football game with our friends. Yay, sports! Somehow we missed the scattered thunderstorms + the sunset looked like this.

Our new office is my new favorite place. Must have desk items for high productivity include: a candle, a latte, a plant friend, pen + paper.

And the highlight of our weekend: The Milk Carton Kids. I can't even express how much we loved this show. The humor. The revolutionary guitar skills. The revelation of Joey having the high harmony. The people that make up an NPR crowd. The simplicity. 

Caleb said he fell in love with music again at this show. I've listened to the album a bazillion times reliving the concert + all those feelz.

Not pictured: runaway goat in our yard bleating and running from strangers. It was quite the ruckus in our little back woods neighborhood. And it was just like that video with all the goats shouting like humansJust like it.

Hope you're having a happy + productive week!