Old Baldy + A Birthday

Saturday we went on a day trip to Bald Head Island to celebrate Caleb's birthday.

We woke up early to a cloudy + rainy morning but we drove through to catch the ferry still determined. We rented bikes once we got there (there are no cars allowed on the island) + got our fair share of pedaling in throughout the day.

The lighthouse tour was first which Caleb was geeking out about. It was pretty amazing that it was 200 years old + still in good shape. The climb to the lantern room was super steep but totally worth the view at the top. 

Quite the tight squeeze at the top. There may or may not be a video of me hitting my head trying to think small to fit through that tiny cut out.

The birthday boy, always looking dapper as usual but especially at 26. That traffic cone orange sticker is totally making the photo.

Let me just get sweet on my man for a moment. This guy is a trooper. He puts up with my indecision + is selfless in the decisions he makes for us. He always wants to learn new things, mostly nerdy things, which I love. He's always up for traveling when I'm restless. He cooks dinner for us every night + never complains about my requests (such as shao mi dumplings which he flawlessly executes). I know I'm biased + that's okay because I'm suppose to be.

We rode our bikes all the way to the east side of the island via the marsh road which is only about 3 miles + then rode along the beach road to get back for lunch. Nachos, a salad, + a shrimp po boy are what kept us going on those bikes, oh and ice cream too.

Not pictured: alligator sighting.

And then the sun came out + we had blue skies for the beach!

That umbrella you're looking at was quite the task to the get to the beach. Just picture jousting on bikes. Just Caleb, I'm a flight risk biker. But really, I almost crashed into a ten year old struggling on an uphill.

Check out that Birkenstocks tan. Stylin'.

And then we had to leave + we were sad but so happy to have found a new beach tradition. BHI, see you next year. Love, the Osbornes.