little love

As a nanny, I show my love in unconventional ways.

Like making popcorn for snack + hiding a few chocolate chips in there. Or finding that lone sock, pairing it with it's friend + sticking it in the drawer. Or going to get Mr. Owl from the freezer when there is a fall or bump or even, yes, a scary sound.

These things may seem trivial. But they matter. They don't go unnoticed by those little people. They trust me. They rely on me. And that's pretty special.

Here's how to express your love so that even the smallest person can understand:

I love you more than extra ipad time.

You're as sweet as craisins.

I love you like the cream in an oreo. Or just the cookie. (depending on how we're feeling that day)

You're the nutella to my sandwich or spoon.

I love you more than dragons love tacos.

I love you more than buttered pasta.

You're the Clover to my Sofia. (Sofia the First reference, duh)

I love you more than frozen chicken nuggets for dinner.

I love you more than the breakfast place. (aka Whole Foods)

I love you more than cheesy eggs. (found at said breakfast place) 

I love you more than P loves her tap shoes.

I love you more than all the toys you fight over that I have to put on top of the refrigerator.

You're as cute as a Shopkin. 

I love you more than all those flattened museum pennies you've lost in the couch.

You're the cheese to my pepperoni. (shredded cheese + cold pepperoni, never on a hot pizza)

I love you more than eating + snack time + what's for dinner. (since we're sticking with the food theme)

All of these + then some more feelings added on top. Because let's be honest, I love you to the moon + back is overrated.