Last Weekend 6.20

The weekend was mixed with relaxation + some real work. Like "moving a refrigerator to paint the floors" type of work.

We watched skateboarding (secretly my favorite sport) + beach volleyball (my claimed favorite sport) on tv because, let's be honest, it was way too hot to go outside. We tried + I got grumpy so we went inside + had this for lunch. And all was right in the world once again.

We also did some house projects + grilled out.

This is the type of meal you grill out + eat on the floor because your kitchen floor is wet with pristine, white paint. Episode three of Chef's Table on Netflix, which was life changing by the way, went perfectly with this dinner.

On Saturday, we braved the heat + went to the Durham Food Truck Rodeo after church. Chirba Chirba is always a must. And Cousins Maine Lobster (!) which was worth the long line in the sun that Caleb stood in to get that cold lobster roll. Oh my. 

And a Happy Father's Day to this dad.

I hope you beat the heat this weekend with friends + family!