weekend herbs

this weekend we got so many things checked off our fun list + not-so-fun list. here's a little peek into our restful off-days.

I cannot get enough of this little gem - pine state flowers. I bought two little cactus twins + an air plant. as you can see, I wanted all the plants.

"I want that one + that one. oh, + that one. oh man caleb, that one wants to come + live with us. look cabe, it doesn't have a home. I have the perfect spot for you little plant." (this could also be applied to stray cats in the neighborhood)

after that we ventured to raleigh because I still have not found anything that compares to logan's one stop garden shop.

we also stopped by standard foods where I resisted cheese straws + salt + vinegar chips. popped into lumina for all of caleb's menswear dreams. and sniffed in yellow dog bread company.

and sunday, we grocery shopped, worked in the yard + planted. ya know, just casual homeowner things. I planted some ferns + herbs while caleb sawed/chiseled a hole into our deck ledge that he so lovingly built with his bare hands to make all my herb garden dreams come true.

side note: I have 3 little buds on my peony plant + my summer bulbs are busting through the mulch. holla, plant mama 2.0 over here - moving on to conquer outdoor foliage! *insert flexing arm emoji*

if we aren't overcome with wisteria by the end of spring I will consider it a springtime win. 

whew, what a weekend. add in some walks, a dashi triple date, rooftop drinks, outdoor lighting, tears over the yard guy weed-eating the becomings of my salvia plants, + homemade pizza to make it better.