Blowing Rock

Another weekend another adventure to be documented.

STAYED / Chetola / 

READ / Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder for him. Eleanor + Park (all the feels) + Essentialism for her.

DID / massages, walking, shopping, swimming, exploring

ATE / a brisket crepe with chive + tomato jam. a ganache tart with coconut crust. onion rings. pimento cheese, siggi's yogurt.

INDULGED / Kilwin's / we shared one scoop half cookies + cream, half toasted coconut. yes, this is one scoop

REFUELED / Bald Guy Brew / best coffee in the highlands. lattes + cappuccinos for him. chai lattes for her. the best chai i've had probably ever.

EXPLORED / The Mast General Store / we're those lame people who walked out with the All Natural gourmet chocolate bars from Seattle. just that.

LOVED / The Glen Burney Grocery / they had all the local treats including Big Spoon + Fullsteam + Bittermilk + more of our favorite brands.

SPOILS / whole nutmeg, backwoods hickory spice rub, + rockfire smoked salt from the Spice + Tea Exchange for him. coconut oolong tea for her. primal spicy beef jerky from SC. and birthday cake batter (with confetti cake mix, what!?) + pb+j truffle chocolate bars from Seattle Chocolates.