Adventures To Have/Had

A lot of our friends know that we've had a goal to go on 10 U.S. trips in 3 years. The list has changed a little since we first got married + we've definitely made some progress over the past two + a half years (!!).

So why in three years? And why 10? That seems like a lot. Oh, ye of little faithThe idea was to get a taste of traveling before babies. Well, there's no babies here but it has made us continue to save for travel + just go! 

For us it's about exploring together. A lot of the places we have on the list neither of us have been to. The trips aren't perfect, there's always those hiccups that can have you shouting at one another in the rain, while waiting on the bus (at the wrong stop). But it happens + we learn to move on + enjoy our time together away from work.

Here's our current list, may be subject to change:


1/ MAINE: Just any + all parts of it: the lobster, the harbor, the leaves in the fall + Acadia National Park.

2/ CALIFORNIA: Now that we've been to Portland, we've been bitten by the west coast bug. We know people who have moved there or even grew up there, moved away + then moved back. We would do all the tourist-y things including but not limited to: drive the PCH, Yosemite, Redwood forest, taste all the wine, learn to surf + spot celebrities (probably just me). I'm starting to believe in that thing that they say- the west coast is the best coast.

3/ CHICAGO: Architecture + art. Pizza. Old neighborhoods. This may be a potential 3 year anniversary trip. We've hit bigger and bigger cities each trip so why not try a city with a 2.7 million population, I'm sure my introverted-ness wouldn't be overwhelmed at all.

4/ BOSTON, MA: Freedom trail. Harvard because I'm an ivy league-er at heart. Boston Public Library. The harbor. The navy yard.

5/ DURANGO, CO: Caleb has been here before with his family + it's a great jumping off point for the Southern rockies. The San Juan mountains. Telluride + Bridal Veil Falls. The river + trails.


1/ WASHINGTON, DC: We did this trip with Caleb's family + it was such a fun one. I had never been on a subway before up until that point + it didn't disappoint. There were also D.C Cupcakes + wandering around Georgetown which sweetened the deal. And of course all of the tourist-y things in the National Mall. Also this picture of the skateboarder whilst drinking my Starbucks + resting my tired, sore feet is one of my favorites because, well, skateboarding.

2/ CHARLESTON, SC: Charleston was truly our first trip together, just us, minus our honeymoon. We didn't really know what we were doing and over scheduled ourselves (think, a spreadsheet to the minute) a lot but it still was a nice little get away. You must go to The Gin Joint!

3/ NASHVILLE, TN: This city will forever + always have my heart. I'm pretty sure we will live there at some point in our lives. The people + the vibe just felt like home. Arnold's, Mas Taco, Hey Rooster, The Pharmacy, 12 South area. East Nashville is where dreams come true.

4/ AUSTIN, TX: Big city vibes. Austin houses our favorite restaurant of all time, Uchi. It also has all of the outdoor trails for walking + biking which are amazing. I had my first go at paddle boarding here down the Colorado River. And not to mention there are succulents + cacti galore.

5/ PORTLAND, OR: All that greenery brought my inner woodland child alive. Peaceful. Laid back. Amazing food. This was the trip we've been dreaming about for years.

I'm thinking of doing some travel guides like our Portland Favorites post. What places are we missing?