a travel guide to portland, maine

Travel for us is a time to reset + refocus. Refocus on each other + our goals + what is important to us. Those life essentials. Those deep soul talks. 

Maine was all that and then some. We were able to escape + explore + be swept up by the sea + God's landscape. It was breath-taking. And a bit chilly + I want to live there. Okay, okay getting way too excited.

I've curated a list of our favorites from our two days in Portland, Maine for a little travel guide.

STAY / Mercury Inn / basically this part is a love letter to our little room at the most cozy + quaint inn

Three words: minimal, personal and sustainable. My three love languages. And that Herman Miller chair. Heart eyes. Oh, + that seasoned traveler. Double heart eyes.

Community breakfast at its finest. Garlic grits, frittata + homemade greek yogurt with maple syrup. Because we were living the northeast life.

Room two we love you + we will be back.


Local Sprouts Cafe / fresh co-op, chicken salad goodness, Maine Root blueberry soda

Thai / Boda / lobster chips, fried quail eggs, beef skewers, mussels in coconut curry broth, pad thai with glass noodles in the most beautiful egg omelet presentation, thai iced tea + coconut mousse to top it off

Burrito Bar / Ocho Burrito / moroccan + the classic with pork + guac equals heaven

Refuel / Speckled Ax / the strongest iced coffee to my knowledge + the coolest coffee tees that I regret not impulse buying

Oysters / Eventide Oyster Co. / oyster brine martini (what?!), tomato salada dozen oysters with spicy kimchi ice + red onion ice, lobster green curry coconut stew (double what!?), brown butter lobster roll with steamed bun

Dessert / Duckfat / creme anglaise milkshake + cinnamon citrus doughnut holes with caramel dipping sauce. 


The Merchant Co. / for all the eco-conscious homewares + funny cards

Pinecone + Chickadee / for the kitschy stuff

Portland Dry Goods Co. / for all the expensive clothes + shoes you wished you had

More + Co. / for all the cute wooden kids toys + the best recommendations from a local


Downtown Portland / is really pretty to walk around + you are sure to meet some characters along the way.


Cape Elizabeth / this spot won me over, for real. don't forget your wind breakers!

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse / that hazardous footing is longer than it looks but worth the view. 

Eastern Promenade / for those sailboat #lifegoals 

Urban Farm Fermentory / kombucha, cider + mead all wrapped into the ultimate hipster package. I would go back for that sour mead + blueberry kombucha.

Whew. Nearly 27,000 of pavement stomped in two days, according to the Fitbit, a personal record.

Next up, we traveled up the coast to Camden, ME and did some schooner-ing! Stay tuned!

(p.s. all opinions are my own + I am not being compensated for my post).