25 Things I've Learned (Before Turning 25)

My birthday was three weeks ago. Looking back on those years of changing and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life (hint: I still don't have a set plan) has me thinking on what advice I would give to my younger self. Super cheesy, I know. But over the years of struggling with self-confidence + "finding my path," there's always been some things that stay true.


1/ Save intentionally for traveling + then go. As much as you can.

2/ Find your core group of friends. The ones that build you up + make you better. 

3/ If there are tears involved + you are miserable. Make some changes. Everything is temporary in this world.

4/ Don't worry about the little things. Or even the big things. This one is hard for me. No one benefits from worrying.

5/ Have a budget and stick to it.

6/ Short naps always help your mood.

7/ More plants are always a good idea. Clean air, clear mind.

8/ Airbnb is your best friend when traveling.

9/ Don't invest your soul in materialistic things. Less is more.

10/ Having people over is the best way to help clean your house or finish a project that has been looming for a couple of months. 

11/ Being jealous is destructive. Period. Be satisfied with what you have and where you are. Don't compare yourself to someone else's life.

12/ Eating fresh + clean always makes you feel better. Always. However, "fry night" is always a good idea.

13/ Learn about wine or beer or cheese or whatever you're passionate about + get fancy with it.

14/ Find a person that can point out your flaws + listen to them no matter how mad you get.

15/ Never. ever. order a cheeseburger for take out. It will be soggy and just not quite right. Trust me.

16/ Figure out how you recharge + take time to yourself.

17/ Quality things over quantity. If you can't afford it, you can wait.

18/ Try new things + if you fail try something different.

19/ Push out that inner voice that tells you you're a quitter or not enough.

20/ Be yourself even if you're perceived as weird or different. Nothing good comes from conforming to other peoples expectations. You start to lose yourself.

21/ Document all your adventures. It's worth it.

22/ Discover the library! It is seriously the best.

23/ Truffle oil will change your popcorn game.

24/ Have something you're proud of but don't let it become you.

25/ Always seek advice from seasoned, wiser sources.

I don't feel like I'm old enough to give advice yet but these are some core things I've learned in this season of life. Hopefully in five years I can look back and scratch out a few things and have more to add.