as of late

here's a little bit of our life as of late


as of late I've been mastering my geography skills, like 7th grade style, but with an app rather than an atlas. and you guys, it's hard. so far I can locate all the countries in Asia + half of the countries in Europe. you're probably thinking, wait don't you know North America too? + with that I'll leave you to locate Sint Eustatius.

as of late I'm off of added sugar until February 1 so we've been doing a lot of this healthy peanut butter fudge minus the honey. it is by far my favorite treat, aside from dark chocolate chunks.

as of late Everlane reposted a picture of mine on their Instagram of Caleb + I working from home on the snow day in our most cozy Everlane sweatshirts and I freaked! total #lifegoals status achieved. it's been a little crazy over here. so, hey, new friends. *wave emoji*


as of late the wood shop downstairs has been bustling with action. caleb's been making a coffee table for our friend + drawer dividers for us because, duh. #organizationgoals

as of late he's been trying one new recipe a week, whether it be inspired from a favorite restaurant like Death + Taxes or from our favorite recipe sites, America's Test Kitchen + Food 52

as of late he's been drinking beer (Dale's Pale Ale) from a can because he says there is just something about those snow days. noted.


as of late the fourth Jonas brother wrecked our roads but we had an introvert party for three days and got on each others nerves thoroughly #snowdays. + the kids I nanny for are never going back to school. so that's good.

as of late we've picked our next US trip which will be in April + our big 5 year trip! the picture above, of all the tiny slips of paper, is how we picked our big five year trip. there were five places + each of us had 15 votes

as of late we've been watching football because yes, we're bandwagon fans + go panthers!