The Dog Days Are Over

As summer comes to a close, even though that blazing heat (i.e. the dog days) lingers, we must put away the Birkenstocks and those favorite faded denim shorts. But let's review all of those summer declarations we conquered!


S'mores. Check.

Food Truck Rodeo. Check.

Grill out on the patio. Check.

Eat sweet things for celebrations + life stages. Check.


So, the cookout didn't happen but an ice cream social did. Not the same but maybe even better. I'm going to say check.


The mountains, the ocean, 2 lakes, a lighthouse, the capitol, + a river.




The white floors are still magical + A LOT of upkeep but I don't mind. 

We finished the guest room + hung some pictures so it looked like real humans with faces live here.



Shoutout and thanks to our little Olympus camera + the travel bug + our friends.