Fall Declaration

It's September. There are Pumpkin Spice Lattes lurking about in hands of crazed moms + nannies rejoicing at the start of school. What? Just me? 

I actually don't partake in the PSL craziness but I do enjoy warm chai lattes + layering + leather boots + leaves + cooler weather (praises!) + Halloween (easily my favorite holiday). So with that, here's our fall declaration as summer comes to a close + hopefully this blazing weather too.

1/ GO on our anniversary trip to Maine (!!!)

2/ EAT all the lobster on said trip to Maine

3/ BUILD a deck (this is obviously more of a Caleb-thing but I had a say in the design which might have made his work load 10x harder, whoops)

4/ HOST a cookout on the newly built deck (before it gets too cold)

5/ ATTEND a football game (yay, sports?!)

6/ DAYTRIP to Richmond, VA

7/ WATCH all of our Halloween movie favorites

8/ PICK apples in the mountains

9/ SEE The Milk Carton Kids in concert

10/ HUNT for the best pumpkin in the patch

11/ CRUNCH leaves

12/ TRY 3 new restaurants 

13/ LAYER clothes to perfection

14/ START a new (insert: dream) job (!!!)

15/ DOCUMENT it all

Bring on those crispy leaves + that pumpkin + spice Siggi's skyr.