petit saint vincent

Remember that trip we planned two years in advanced with Caleb's fam? Well, we finally got to go to that island this past November...*insert all the tropical emojis here*


This is a bit overdue but here is our travel video from Maine.

It was salty + sea-y + we were transfixed with those blue hues. I had no idea the east coast could look like that. It's something about the sea that always brings us back. But to be honest, the lobster makes us stay.

PS I'll be back at this in March + blogging more frequently here. I'm shaking it up a little bit with the job situation and saying "no" to things that aren't rewarding and choosing essential things that fire me up. #lifegoals

We're saying "no" to our own security + comfort in money and trusting God's provision. Which opens me up to doing more things I love + can be creative with + am meant to do.

what to do in acadia national park

We visited Acadia on National Public Lands Day which means free entry, no cars until noon + the tourists come in droves. It was the perfect day for hiking + exploring. So we bought our topographical map (like a true Osborne) and hopped on a bus in Bar Harbor.

More pictures + less words so prepare your wanderlust.



This is my what in the world are those people doing face. I have zero tolerance for tourists who are aimlessly wandering + disregard the line already formed at the bus stop. I'm working on my patience. But really.


This little chipmunk was just asking for his picture to be taken. We named him Martin after Martin Luther, of course.

See that double "mountain". We hiked up there. But more like rock climbed our way to the top. 


Just so you know strenuous 0.4 mile hike really means rock climb, shimmy, + heavily breathe your way to the top at your own risk. Acadia does not use the word "strenuous" lightly. 

I'm proud of us. But we can for sure say that it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Hooray for traveling in our 20s!

This was our view at the top. Totally worth it.

And this was my face. Victory is ours.

And then I was done.

But then we remembered we just conquered this mountain. And that rocks are not very good tripods.

And that we survived + still liked each other.

Yay, Acadia we still love you even if you led us astray. I really wish you could see the view off the side of the mountain. I'm talking 90 degree angle kind of climbing. We were the lone travelers atop the mountain. That should clue you in a little.


Coming soon: A Maine video of everything we saw but to hold you over here's a video from our trip to the other Portland

a travel guide to bar harbor, maine

After our sailing excursion, we went up the coast to Sullivan, Maine where our air bnb was located. This spot was about 45-ish minutes from Bar Harbor but totally worth it seeing as it was located ON Frenchman's Bay.

The tide was low so we walked out on the murky bottom with the seaweed + the light was unreal. Heart eyes don't even begin to describe this view + that salty air.

Exhibit A

That's just Acadia National Park in the distance calling our names.

This picture, we joke, is Caleb's model photo or either his best attempt at @liveauthenticken. But really, this is my ideal outfit.

And then we did some self-timing magic with a rock as our tripod. I couldn't choose so here are some #truelove photos (insert kissy face emoji here).

Bar Harbor is the downtown scene for Mountain Desert Island which is where Acadia National Park is located. Here are a few of our favorite gems from our time spent there.


Morning Glory Bakery / we were lame + got bagels because it was 8am but their sweets looked delectable.

Thrive Juice Bar + Kitchen / we popped in here after walking, hiking and scaling rock walls in Acadia so our bodies were craving salad goodness. we both inhaled our choice of greens and shared a chai almond protein smoothie. also their energy balls are the best.

Side Street Cafe / lobster mac and cheese + clam chowder. this is what we looked forward to the whole trip. more lobster, please.

McKay's Public House / dreamy outdoor garden, shepherds' pie, brie + pear toast

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream / pumpkin spice + other fun flavors we ignored. only eyes for pumpkin with that crisp weather


Matsumoto Joe / hand made chai and espresso with little Asian snacks like pocky + dried squid. and the best sausage, apple, brie hand pie.

This was our morning view when we woke up ready to adventure to Acadia. So quiet. 

Bundled describes my outfit of choice while in Maine.

Our favorite hikes, spots + places to be weary of, such as the most strenuous hike/rock climb we've ever attempted, will be up on the blog next!

Daytrip: Richmond, Va

For Labor Day, we decided to go on a little day trip. Somewhere close, somewhere we haven't been + somewhere without an early wake up call.

Let's just say we had high expectations. "Richmond is on the up and up," whatever that means. Good coffee scene. A cool vibe. But it wasn't our favorite + quite possibly our least favorite adventure. But it happens.

My advice in this situation, always ask the locals. The waitresses, the shopkeepers + the baristas (unless they are particularly rude, in which case you take your latte + sit outside).

It was a learning experience for us as travelers + as a couple. Places don't always live up to your expectations but they will always have something to find and to redeem the trip.

Our trips aren't perfect + in the spirit of truthfully documenting here is what our trip to Richmond was really like. 

/ Maymont Mansion / 

Expectation: This will be a great place to walk + center ourselves for the day ahead. There will be great photo opportunities in nature + ironic shots of me just walking + not knowing you're taking my picture. And they have a Japanese Garden! It'll be just as zen as Portland.

Reality: It is hot + I'm car sick + I'm over it. That fountain + all the others are dirty. That's a really nice herb garden but that woman is ruining my photo opportunity. 

Reality: This is how you should take my picture in front of this awesome plant.

Reality: There are water bottles + trash in the bamboo. Nothing a good cropping can't fix.

/ Provisions / The Black Sheep

Expectations: We'll go to this ironic part of town, where only we feel like we know the cool spots to eat. And we'll have root vegetables + something with goat cheese because hipster-life. And then we'll stumble upon this great little shop + meet the owner  + become instagram friends.

Reality: Everyone knows that cool spot to eat + you are waiting with said people outside for 45 minutes. Tears are shed + you'll plan on going home without finding any redeeming qualities in Richmond. There are dilapidated houses + sewage smells + flies.

But despite all that, you do have root vegetables + they are ah-mazing. Also cauliflower, green curry + granny smith apples just go. Ironically. I would go back for that lunch.

/ Shopping / Carytown

Expectations: There will be all these cool, local shops + we'll walk down the street + just drop in. Oh, and there will be colorful walls for photo ops.

Reality: There are hoards of people + it's hot + the sewage smell. There are colorful walls + murals but I'm hot + don't want to stop + I look mad in all the photos. Because I am.

/ Refuel + Shopping / Addison Street (aka the redeeming quality)

Expectations: There will be this coffee shop filled with people who are on their laptops + sipping their lattes. And then we'll walk across the street to these Portland-esque vintage shops with cool local makers + want to be best friends with the shop owners. And there will probably be a street market that day.

Reality: Lamplighter is actually everything we thought it would be. We share an iced latte + watch the cutest hipster kids draw chalk art on the sidewalk. Then, we walk over to the three best stores all day (Yesterday's Heroes Vintage, Addison Vintage + Na Nin) and they have local makers, one of which we meet, making candles + pottery.

So we buy a soy candle called Farewell + a made in the USA henley + all the bad realities are pushed out + we focus on the little things. The real ones.

/ Treats / Shyndigz 

Expectations: We'll stop by here on our way out to have dessert!

Reality: We walk through the Fan District will all these crazy, beautiful houses + order a slice of peanut butter pie + a slice of key lime pie which will last us two days of lunch + dinner dessert.

Sometimes places aren't what they seem. Sometimes they challenge you. Sometimes you have to remember to exist in the now. Sometimes instagram doesn't show our real life. And sometimes I might just be brave enough to be real + honest + intentional.

A Summer Film

Summer, we loved you even more this year than last. I'm so glad we got to capture you with video + photos. You are truly the best documented summer with so many adventures along the way. 

We'll miss the warm, breezy walks around east campus + watermelon +baby deer buddies, Dottie, Dean + Deary + cherries + lake swims + Birkenstock's tans.

Here's to you, warm summer months. 

Blowing Rock

Another weekend another adventure to be documented.

STAYED / Chetola / 

READ / Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder for him. Eleanor + Park (all the feels) + Essentialism for her.

DID / massages, walking, shopping, swimming, exploring

ATE / a brisket crepe with chive + tomato jam. a ganache tart with coconut crust. onion rings. pimento cheese, siggi's yogurt.

INDULGED / Kilwin's / we shared one scoop half cookies + cream, half toasted coconut. yes, this is one scoop

REFUELED / Bald Guy Brew / best coffee in the highlands. lattes + cappuccinos for him. chai lattes for her. the best chai i've had probably ever.

EXPLORED / The Mast General Store / we're those lame people who walked out with the All Natural gourmet chocolate bars from Seattle. just that.

LOVED / The Glen Burney Grocery / they had all the local treats including Big Spoon + Fullsteam + Bittermilk + more of our favorite brands.

SPOILS / whole nutmeg, backwoods hickory spice rub, + rockfire smoked salt from the Spice + Tea Exchange for him. coconut oolong tea for her. primal spicy beef jerky from SC. and birthday cake batter (with confetti cake mix, what!?) + pb+j truffle chocolate bars from Seattle Chocolates.

Old Baldy + A Birthday

Saturday we went on a day trip to Bald Head Island to celebrate Caleb's birthday.

We woke up early to a cloudy + rainy morning but we drove through to catch the ferry still determined. We rented bikes once we got there (there are no cars allowed on the island) + got our fair share of pedaling in throughout the day.

The lighthouse tour was first which Caleb was geeking out about. It was pretty amazing that it was 200 years old + still in good shape. The climb to the lantern room was super steep but totally worth the view at the top. 

Quite the tight squeeze at the top. There may or may not be a video of me hitting my head trying to think small to fit through that tiny cut out.

The birthday boy, always looking dapper as usual but especially at 26. That traffic cone orange sticker is totally making the photo.

Let me just get sweet on my man for a moment. This guy is a trooper. He puts up with my indecision + is selfless in the decisions he makes for us. He always wants to learn new things, mostly nerdy things, which I love. He's always up for traveling when I'm restless. He cooks dinner for us every night + never complains about my requests (such as shao mi dumplings which he flawlessly executes). I know I'm biased + that's okay because I'm suppose to be.

We rode our bikes all the way to the east side of the island via the marsh road which is only about 3 miles + then rode along the beach road to get back for lunch. Nachos, a salad, + a shrimp po boy are what kept us going on those bikes, oh and ice cream too.

Not pictured: alligator sighting.

And then the sun came out + we had blue skies for the beach!

That umbrella you're looking at was quite the task to the get to the beach. Just picture jousting on bikes. Just Caleb, I'm a flight risk biker. But really, I almost crashed into a ten year old struggling on an uphill.

Check out that Birkenstocks tan. Stylin'.

And then we had to leave + we were sad but so happy to have found a new beach tradition. BHI, see you next year. Love, the Osbornes.

Little Getaway: Part 1 / Grayson Highlands

Over the weekend, we went west to Virginia. It was a nice, much needed getaway. We first ventured to the Chateau Morrisette winery + then stayed at Caleb's family mountain house up in Sparta.

We arrived in Sparta just before the last light + it made for magical pictures. And the moon made an appearance by the time our walk was over.

The next morning, we were off to the Grayson Highlands to spot some wild ponies. Spoiler: we didn't see any wild ponies but we did spot some tame ones with people on them. Mid-70s is my ideal temperature + after the hot weeks we've been having it was amazing.

We can now say we've hiked the Appalachian Trail. Or well, some of it. Okay, like two miles of it. It was only suppose to be one mile but we missed our transfer trail + did a five mile hike by accident. It happens, right?

The first half of the trip was a lot of walking + breathing + heavily breathing + sore feet + adventuring.

Adventures To Have/Had

A lot of our friends know that we've had a goal to go on 10 U.S. trips in 3 years. The list has changed a little since we first got married + we've definitely made some progress over the past two + a half years (!!).

So why in three years? And why 10? That seems like a lot. Oh, ye of little faithThe idea was to get a taste of traveling before babies. Well, there's no babies here but it has made us continue to save for travel + just go! 

For us it's about exploring together. A lot of the places we have on the list neither of us have been to. The trips aren't perfect, there's always those hiccups that can have you shouting at one another in the rain, while waiting on the bus (at the wrong stop). But it happens + we learn to move on + enjoy our time together away from work.

Here's our current list, may be subject to change:


1/ MAINE: Just any + all parts of it: the lobster, the harbor, the leaves in the fall + Acadia National Park.

2/ CALIFORNIA: Now that we've been to Portland, we've been bitten by the west coast bug. We know people who have moved there or even grew up there, moved away + then moved back. We would do all the tourist-y things including but not limited to: drive the PCH, Yosemite, Redwood forest, taste all the wine, learn to surf + spot celebrities (probably just me). I'm starting to believe in that thing that they say- the west coast is the best coast.

3/ CHICAGO: Architecture + art. Pizza. Old neighborhoods. This may be a potential 3 year anniversary trip. We've hit bigger and bigger cities each trip so why not try a city with a 2.7 million population, I'm sure my introverted-ness wouldn't be overwhelmed at all.

4/ BOSTON, MA: Freedom trail. Harvard because I'm an ivy league-er at heart. Boston Public Library. The harbor. The navy yard.

5/ DURANGO, CO: Caleb has been here before with his family + it's a great jumping off point for the Southern rockies. The San Juan mountains. Telluride + Bridal Veil Falls. The river + trails.


1/ WASHINGTON, DC: We did this trip with Caleb's family + it was such a fun one. I had never been on a subway before up until that point + it didn't disappoint. There were also D.C Cupcakes + wandering around Georgetown which sweetened the deal. And of course all of the tourist-y things in the National Mall. Also this picture of the skateboarder whilst drinking my Starbucks + resting my tired, sore feet is one of my favorites because, well, skateboarding.

2/ CHARLESTON, SC: Charleston was truly our first trip together, just us, minus our honeymoon. We didn't really know what we were doing and over scheduled ourselves (think, a spreadsheet to the minute) a lot but it still was a nice little get away. You must go to The Gin Joint!

3/ NASHVILLE, TN: This city will forever + always have my heart. I'm pretty sure we will live there at some point in our lives. The people + the vibe just felt like home. Arnold's, Mas Taco, Hey Rooster, The Pharmacy, 12 South area. East Nashville is where dreams come true.

4/ AUSTIN, TX: Big city vibes. Austin houses our favorite restaurant of all time, Uchi. It also has all of the outdoor trails for walking + biking which are amazing. I had my first go at paddle boarding here down the Colorado River. And not to mention there are succulents + cacti galore.

5/ PORTLAND, OR: All that greenery brought my inner woodland child alive. Peaceful. Laid back. Amazing food. This was the trip we've been dreaming about for years.

I'm thinking of doing some travel guides like our Portland Favorites post. What places are we missing? 

Portland Favorites

While we were in Portland we hit both local + tourist-y spots. Local spots are our favorites especially for food recommendations. You get an actual feel for the place you're visiting + the people who live in it.


Waterfall / Wahclella Falls / sans tourists, quiet, semi-strenuous hike

Chai / Pip's Original / fried-to-order mini-donuts, chai flight is a must

Zen Spot / Portland Japanese Garden / Portland was bursting with blooms when we were there in late March + this was my happy place

Donuts / Blue Star Donuts / don't let anyone tell you otherwise. these are by far the best. we did some thorough research. yeast donuts all the way and that blueberry bourbon + basil, so good

Pacific Coast Spots / Cannon Beach + Hug Point

Neighborhoods / Division, East Burnside, Mississippi, Sellwood

Dinner Spot / Biwa / izakaya, kimchi + ramen

Breakfast Spot / Broder / Scandinavian eatery, small and intimate with Stumptown coffee

Oyster Bar / Angel Face / fun cocktails + intimate atmosphere

Italian / Luce / all the olives you could ever want + fancy wine

Shops / Worn Path, Animal Traffic, Lowell, Beam + Anchor, Artemisia, Nationale, Milk Milk Lemonade

Portland, OR

Here are some of the amazing waterfalls and landscapes we saw on our trip to Portland this March.

Why Portland? 1. Neither of us have been to the Pacific Coast 2. We had heard it was so unique and had a vibe that you must experience yourself. 3. It is MADE for people who love food and want to try as many new things as possible since most of their restaurants are tapas style.