A Summer Film

Summer, we loved you even more this year than last. I'm so glad we got to capture you with video + photos. You are truly the best documented summer with so many adventures along the way. 

We'll miss the warm, breezy walks around east campus + watermelon +baby deer buddies, Dottie, Dean + Deary + cherries + lake swims + Birkenstock's tans.

Here's to you, warm summer months. 

Blowing Rock

Another weekend another adventure to be documented.

STAYED / Chetola / 

READ / Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder for him. Eleanor + Park (all the feels) + Essentialism for her.

DID / massages, walking, shopping, swimming, exploring

ATE / a brisket crepe with chive + tomato jam. a ganache tart with coconut crust. onion rings. pimento cheese, siggi's yogurt.

INDULGED / Kilwin's / we shared one scoop half cookies + cream, half toasted coconut. yes, this is one scoop

REFUELED / Bald Guy Brew / best coffee in the highlands. lattes + cappuccinos for him. chai lattes for her. the best chai i've had probably ever.

EXPLORED / The Mast General Store / we're those lame people who walked out with the All Natural gourmet chocolate bars from Seattle. just that.

LOVED / The Glen Burney Grocery / they had all the local treats including Big Spoon + Fullsteam + Bittermilk + more of our favorite brands.

SPOILS / whole nutmeg, backwoods hickory spice rub, + rockfire smoked salt from the Spice + Tea Exchange for him. coconut oolong tea for her. primal spicy beef jerky from SC. and birthday cake batter (with confetti cake mix, what!?) + pb+j truffle chocolate bars from Seattle Chocolates.

Old Baldy + A Birthday

Saturday we went on a day trip to Bald Head Island to celebrate Caleb's birthday.

We woke up early to a cloudy + rainy morning but we drove through to catch the ferry still determined. We rented bikes once we got there (there are no cars allowed on the island) + got our fair share of pedaling in throughout the day.

The lighthouse tour was first which Caleb was geeking out about. It was pretty amazing that it was 200 years old + still in good shape. The climb to the lantern room was super steep but totally worth the view at the top. 

Quite the tight squeeze at the top. There may or may not be a video of me hitting my head trying to think small to fit through that tiny cut out.

The birthday boy, always looking dapper as usual but especially at 26. That traffic cone orange sticker is totally making the photo.

Let me just get sweet on my man for a moment. This guy is a trooper. He puts up with my indecision + is selfless in the decisions he makes for us. He always wants to learn new things, mostly nerdy things, which I love. He's always up for traveling when I'm restless. He cooks dinner for us every night + never complains about my requests (such as shao mi dumplings which he flawlessly executes). I know I'm biased + that's okay because I'm suppose to be.

We rode our bikes all the way to the east side of the island via the marsh road which is only about 3 miles + then rode along the beach road to get back for lunch. Nachos, a salad, + a shrimp po boy are what kept us going on those bikes, oh and ice cream too.

Not pictured: alligator sighting.

And then the sun came out + we had blue skies for the beach!

That umbrella you're looking at was quite the task to the get to the beach. Just picture jousting on bikes. Just Caleb, I'm a flight risk biker. But really, I almost crashed into a ten year old struggling on an uphill.

Check out that Birkenstocks tan. Stylin'.

And then we had to leave + we were sad but so happy to have found a new beach tradition. BHI, see you next year. Love, the Osbornes.

The Fourth Of July

The fourth of July is many things: the freedom, the spirit of America, the fireworks, the celebration, the food, the water activities.

This year Caleb + I decided to stay cool + get by the water (+ somehow avoiding the mobs of people). We found a secret spot on Falls Lake that was perfect for a little dip. The light was magical so we took full advantage + played with the aperture on our even-more-amazing-than-we-thought camera.

I couldn't wait to play with the sparklers + take pictures so we got them out before it was dark. 

Once we were water logged enough we went back home to grill out burgers with corn + watermelon salad (feta cheese + balsamic are the secret ingredients. Yum!).

We also made s'mores with gourmet marshmallows which were ah-mazing that we got from Good Heavens Confections. Even though we cheated + put them in the oven, Oreo + peanut butter mallows make a good s'more even greater.

And of course as it got dark we had more sparkler fun!

That was suppose to say summer but I guess "umme" will work also?

Then we braved downtown + watched the fireworks at the Durham Bulls stadium which was magnificent. I love when you can hear everyone yelling "oooh" + "whoaa" as the sparkles crack in the night. It's pretty great.

Life, liberty + the pursuit of happiness. Fourth of July, until next year.

Little Getaway: Part 1 / Grayson Highlands

Over the weekend, we went west to Virginia. It was a nice, much needed getaway. We first ventured to the Chateau Morrisette winery + then stayed at Caleb's family mountain house up in Sparta.

We arrived in Sparta just before the last light + it made for magical pictures. And the moon made an appearance by the time our walk was over.

The next morning, we were off to the Grayson Highlands to spot some wild ponies. Spoiler: we didn't see any wild ponies but we did spot some tame ones with people on them. Mid-70s is my ideal temperature + after the hot weeks we've been having it was amazing.

We can now say we've hiked the Appalachian Trail. Or well, some of it. Okay, like two miles of it. It was only suppose to be one mile but we missed our transfer trail + did a five mile hike by accident. It happens, right?

The first half of the trip was a lot of walking + breathing + heavily breathing + sore feet + adventuring.

Last Weekend 6.20

The weekend was mixed with relaxation + some real work. Like "moving a refrigerator to paint the floors" type of work.

We watched skateboarding (secretly my favorite sport) + beach volleyball (my claimed favorite sport) on tv because, let's be honest, it was way too hot to go outside. We tried + I got grumpy so we went inside + had this for lunch. And all was right in the world once again.

We also did some house projects + grilled out.

This is the type of meal you grill out + eat on the floor because your kitchen floor is wet with pristine, white paint. Episode three of Chef's Table on Netflix, which was life changing by the way, went perfectly with this dinner.

On Saturday, we braved the heat + went to the Durham Food Truck Rodeo after church. Chirba Chirba is always a must. And Cousins Maine Lobster (!) which was worth the long line in the sun that Caleb stood in to get that cold lobster roll. Oh my. 

And a Happy Father's Day to this dad.

I hope you beat the heat this weekend with friends + family!

Summer Declaration

Let's start this one out with the obvious, for those of you who know me- I feel no inner turmoil saying that summer is my least favorite season. It's hot + there are bugs + back sweat + no layering + no hot chai lattes. But this year I'm looking at it differently.

Since we must weather through it, we might as well have pleasant memories. So we drew up a declaration, of sorts, to have the best summer possible, even if our faces are wet with glisten.

1/ SEE a lighthouse

2/ HOST a cookout

3/ WALK Eno River trails

4/ SPOT a baby deer

5/ MAKE s'mores

6/ VISIT the state capitol

7/ SWIM in a lake

8/ GO to a Bulls game

9/ TRY more mixed drinks

10/ CELEBRATE Caleb's 26th

11/ GET a Birkenstocks tan

12/ RUN in the rain

13/ PICNIC in the park

14/ ATTEND a Food Truck Rodeo

15/ DOCUMENT it all

Summer, I hope by the end of this we will be on better terms. But until then, Fall, where ya at? How are you planning on weathering the summer?

Last Weekend at The Eno 6.13

We did a lot of walking this weekend despite the heat. Lots of shady trees + river water. 

On Saturday, we walked Fanny's Ford Trail which was slightly rainy but perfect.

There was also Motorco + handmade milkshakes to be had.

Vanilla icecream, chocolate milk + homemade whipped cream is the only way to go.

Also, we're painting our kitchen/dining room floors white! One more coat to go! We've been wanting to cover up that unfortunate, yellow vinyl for a while. The natural light is already more magical!