This is a bit overdue but here is our travel video from Maine.

It was salty + sea-y + we were transfixed with those blue hues. I had no idea the east coast could look like that. It's something about the sea that always brings us back. But to be honest, the lobster makes us stay.

PS I'll be back at this in March + blogging more frequently here. I'm shaking it up a little bit with the job situation and saying "no" to things that aren't rewarding and choosing essential things that fire me up. #lifegoals

We're saying "no" to our own security + comfort in money and trusting God's provision. Which opens me up to doing more things I love + can be creative with + am meant to do.

what to do in acadia national park

We visited Acadia on National Public Lands Day which means free entry, no cars until noon + the tourists come in droves. It was the perfect day for hiking + exploring. So we bought our topographical map (like a true Osborne) and hopped on a bus in Bar Harbor.

More pictures + less words so prepare your wanderlust.



This is my what in the world are those people doing face. I have zero tolerance for tourists who are aimlessly wandering + disregard the line already formed at the bus stop. I'm working on my patience. But really.


This little chipmunk was just asking for his picture to be taken. We named him Martin after Martin Luther, of course.

See that double "mountain". We hiked up there. But more like rock climbed our way to the top. 


Just so you know strenuous 0.4 mile hike really means rock climb, shimmy, + heavily breathe your way to the top at your own risk. Acadia does not use the word "strenuous" lightly. 

I'm proud of us. But we can for sure say that it was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Hooray for traveling in our 20s!

This was our view at the top. Totally worth it.

And this was my face. Victory is ours.

And then I was done.

But then we remembered we just conquered this mountain. And that rocks are not very good tripods.

And that we survived + still liked each other.

Yay, Acadia we still love you even if you led us astray. I really wish you could see the view off the side of the mountain. I'm talking 90 degree angle kind of climbing. We were the lone travelers atop the mountain. That should clue you in a little.


Coming soon: A Maine video of everything we saw but to hold you over here's a video from our trip to the other Portland

last weekend 9.19

Lately, we've been busy. The good kind of busy. The exhausted kind of busy. But still good. Here are a few of our highlights from our weekend.

We're in that season for opening the windows + it is glorious. My plants + I are very happy. 

The deck build has commenced. This is what our Saturday looked like (and by "our" I mean Caleb's). Something like 400 pounds of concrete in this picture.

I should mention that all of the things pictured here fit into Caleb's Passat wagon. You know those stop motion videos of all the things fitting into one lone backpack #wellpacked. Impressive, right? Well prepare to be amazed. 

400 pounds of concrete. Check. A wheel barrow. Check. A shovel. Check. A post hole digger. Check. Those cardboard tube things. Check.

Who needs a truck when you have a dad mobile!? Cruisin' (insert car emoji followed by that weird gust of air emoji here)

The plants to the left of the concrete patio were taken out + will eventually be our wooden deck's new home! Also do you like the greenery I planted in between the cracks of those stairs? Me too.

One of our favorite things these past couple of months have been walking around Duke's East Campus at night. I have the Fitbit to thank for this new found love of walking because the world will end if I don't get those 10,000 steps in. 

As the weather gets cooler, I hope it doesn't deter us from walking. I plan to go until my down puff jacket is proven useless.

I also get to heart eye at my favorite house in Durham on our walks. This one. Black + white + brick. Swoon.

And of course, we were somewhat productive in planning our trip to Maine! Portland to Camden to Bar Harbor with a focus on lobster. 

We are going to the tip top of the country. Like the last state before Canada! You're welcome for pointing that out those of you who are geographically lacking, like me.

Our little cube man says, "Yay for the weekend + Maine."

Now, off to pack warm clothes, draft blog posts + load up on the zinc (I see youcold + flu season).

our weekend in iphone pictures

We crossed some things off our fall declaration list this weekend! We also went sans Olympus camera (I had withdrawals) either because we wanted to be hands free for power walking to the football game or flash photography/video recording wasn't allowed. So here is our wrap up in iphone pictures. 

We've been making homemade lattes as of late + they are my gateway into the more hard stuff i.e. black coffee.

Saturday we went to the Duke football game with our friends. Yay, sports! Somehow we missed the scattered thunderstorms + the sunset looked like this.

Our new office is my new favorite place. Must have desk items for high productivity include: a candle, a latte, a plant friend, pen + paper.

And the highlight of our weekend: The Milk Carton Kids. I can't even express how much we loved this show. The humor. The revolutionary guitar skills. The revelation of Joey having the high harmony. The people that make up an NPR crowd. The simplicity. 

Caleb said he fell in love with music again at this show. I've listened to the album a bazillion times reliving the concert + all those feelz.

Not pictured: runaway goat in our yard bleating and running from strangers. It was quite the ruckus in our little back woods neighborhood. And it was just like that video with all the goats shouting like humansJust like it.

Hope you're having a happy + productive week!